Dating a guy twice my age

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I see only one problem relationship here, and that’s the one you’re in rht now. You were young and in school, long-distance, or experimenting. when you meet a man who is married, don’t ever begin to size him up as somebody you could date.

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It makes sense that you dated those men until it was time to break up. Based on how you framed this letter, I assume that this guy is 100 percent married, not out of the house and waiting on his divorce papers. Like Meredith said, you’re not entitled to be with this man simply because your past relationships didn’t pan out.

Six Problems With <i>Dating</i> Older Men

Six Problems With Dating Older Men

I understand that there’s attraction on both sides, but that doesn’t justify the behavior. CYBERSPECTRE I love how you pretend you just accidentally wound up in this situation.

Better With Age 10 Pros And Cons Of Dating An Older Man

Advertisement My guess is that you feel entitled to pursue this man because you believe that your relationship history hasn’t been that great. You have the same problem I did: pursuing folks who were unavailable and relying exclusively on physical attraction.

Dating a guy twice my age:

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